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18 X 24" | Sharpies x Copics | Free Hand


Billionaire Boys Club is a clothing line that offers high quality unique clothing accessories. The Billionaire Boys Club line was created along with an Ice Cream line by Nigo and Pharrell Williams. Nigo is a successful Japan based fashion name that created the BAPE (A Bathing Ape) Line

Billionaire Boys Club

  • Sharpie | Conics | Microns|


  • Fuji Glossy paper has a high sheen finish, giving your print that WOW factor. Fuji Glossy produces rich, deep blacks, brilliant colors, and a mirror-like surface. Fuji Glossy also has a neutral original white point, which adds to the shine.


    Fuji Matte paper is smooth to the touch and has no sheen. Reflection and shine will be minimal. Fuji Matte has extremely accurate color reproduction range and helps create unique, impressive images.

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